20# Mayan Harvest: Yucatan Blend

20# Mayan Harvest: Yucatan Blend
Item# 20-mayan-harvest-yucatan-ble20

Product Description

This diet brings together exotic, natural ingredients and holistic herbs to create a premium blend free of artificial colors.

The Yucatan Blend, which is formulated for Medium Hookbills, is typified by its unique star shaped Anise seed pods which birds love to pry open.

Some of the other prime ingredients include: California sunflower, roasted soybean, flaked carrot, sunflower hearts, spring wheat, cantaloupe seed, pine nuts, orange lentil, mung beans, vetch, juniper berries, apples, dates, sweet peppers, cranberries, black beans, cherries, hemp, black beans, and many more. The herbs fennel seed, chives and bee pollen are also added.